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— More and more nonconventional players are entering the market of mobile payments. Would Russian companies decide to participate in sharing of this pie?

— Yes, we noticed that large business in the Russian Federation became interested in mobile payments. Occasionally, they will occupy a market share. Which share -  depends on the consumer, how surely he will start tying the cash cards to mobile applications. Most likely, it is possible to speak about 15-20% of owners of cards as about the most innovative audience.

Demand for applications on the party of the seller — not only the courier, and, for example, manager-consultant of boutiqueis increasing as well. They provide with an opportunity to check presence of goods and to pay on spot that increases probability of sale. Or the mobile employee of the large company working with applications connected with internal ERP systems - he can accept payment in a salesroom, and the order will be delivered in a place convenient to the client.

— Are the Russians ready to use mobile tools for payment?

— It is just necessary to satisfy the market with supply. By results of GFK and "Yandex. Market" research, payment by card on purchases delivery from online store is the second method of payment after cash.

— What does the current situation on the Russian market of mobile electronic payments look like?

— The market is various, it is both mobile banking, and payments through communications operators, mobile electronic purses, in-app-payments, and mobile acquiring. Some services are more developed, the other are practically on start. For example, for mobile acquiring the last 2013 year was the first calendar year of commercial operation. All segments of mobile payments which are guided by cash cards, are growing steadily and are still strongly far from being satisfied, the capacity of the market is huge. In the fourth quarter 2013 through cards there were transferred 7,4 trillion rub, whereon cash withdrawal amounted to over 6 trillion rub. The considerable part of this amount should move both to traditional acquiring, and to various segments of mobile payments.

— Smartphones are becoming very popular among Russians, that plays for the gain of the participants of the market. What enforces the development of mobile payments?

— Several years ago active transition of retail trade into online format began, and during the last year - towards mobile trade. For example, the majority of large network restaurants already have mobile applications for order formation. Online stores and the express companies are keen to use mobile applications for management of orders logistics. Undoubtedly, this trend promotes formation of demand for mobile payments of all types.

— What risks are imposed for your work by possible closing of business of Visa and MasterCard in the Russian Federation?

— Our platform for mobile acquiring can work with any payment system. It is improbable that Visa and MasterCard will reduce the business in the Russian Federation. And recent events pushed the development of the Russian payment systems. Respectively, they will be included in the list of the cards accepted through 2can mobile terminals.


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