• Why accept credit cards?

    When using credit or debit cards, the buyers spend more than paying for goods or services in cash. This is an easily explainable psychological phenomenon. Using a card, a customer does not hold a banknote in hand, that’s why he parts with money easier and decides on a purchase more readily

    When you offer a client to pay by card, you incite him or her to consume your goods or services and encourage them spending much more!

    Industry research indicates that the ability to accept credit cards increases revenue by as much as 15-25%.

  • What do we do for you?

    • We plug in, service and process the card reader (to be provided by us) free of charge, which functions as a mobile terminal. The commission fee per transaction is 2.75% only!
    • We plug in companies regardless of their cash flow status.
    • We ensure confidentiality of your transactions and encryption of data
      on the card reader level. Our plastic card mobile terminals are manufactured in compliance
      with international standards of security, which is confirmed by PCI DSS Certificate.
    • We provide a convenient personal user account
      for managing your payments and reports.
  • How to receive payments by cards?

    That’s all! Your mobile terminal is ready for operations! Accept payments and get the clients’ money onto your bank account.
  • Our Clients

    Acquiring with 2can is readily accessible for any legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and anybody, who needs a mobile POS terminal for acceptance of payments from clients paying by credit or debit cards.

    • Taxi: large and small taxi companies, private carriers.
    • Online or E-Shops: Retailers, which sell their goods or services via Internet,
      or those, which use their own courier delivery service.

      Mobile payment terminal will allow your courier accepting payments
      from the clients’ credit cards at their homes! Such method of payment is safe and secure
      for everyone – for the buyer, the seller and the courier! With a mobile payment terminal the courier
      will no longer risk dealing with cash and transporting big money
      in public transport.

    • Retail Outlets: small, medium-size and large stores,
      as well as kiosks with printed matter, fast foods, mini-cafes, bars
      and canteens
    • Service Center: car-care and car wash centers, beauty parlors, florists,
      insurance brokers, notary officers, lawyers, privately practicing physicians, masseuses,
      painters, designers, tutors, service providers in malls, etc.
    • Marketplaces: electronics, automobiles, construction materials, food products,
      clothes and pets supplies.

    Mobile payment terminal – the right way to make your business
    more client-friendly and profitable! !

  • We are safe and secure!

    Our safety and security is confirmed by PCI DSS Certificate, issued on the basis of results
    of the audit of our services.

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