InVenture Partners —
is a progressive investment company, aiming to help creative entrepreneurs to start and develop their business based on high technologies.
Almaz Capital Partners—
is one of the leading venture capital funds working with entrepreneurs and companies and have their roots in Russia and the CIS.
ESN group is focused on investments and management of the companies in electric power industry, engineering and media.
InVenture Partners are interested in companies with an innovative approach to solve real problems and ready to support a wide range of commercial enterprises engaged in high technologies and specialized in Internet and mobile services, software and Internet-commerce. The Fund's investment portfolio includes companies such as OnlineTours, «Fogg», «Happlink», «GetTaxi», «2can» and «GetGoing». Companies such as Cisco, the European Bank of reconstruction and development and UFG Asset Management are among the investors of the Fund.
Almaz Fund is mainly engaged in investments in fast - growing sectors of the economy, including the technological, media and communication companies. Having a broad work experience in Russia and other CIS countries, Almaz Capital Partners Fund has a vast network of partners in Silicon valley.
The Fund's investment portfolio includes companies such as Yandex, Parallels, Acumatica, Alawar, AlterGeo, Apollo Project, Flirtic, TravelMenu, Jelastic, nScaled.
ESN group has a broad experience in the implementation of both infrastructure and innovative projects in the field of billing and metering of energy resources, construction of complex technological systems of data transmission and system integration.

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