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The 2can mobile acquiring service expands sales in Euroset salons

2can, a leader of the Russian mPOS market, announced the expansion of the geography of sales of the mobile payment terminals in Euroset salons.

The 2can mobile acquiring service now becomes more accessible to companies and individual entrepreneurs in Sochi, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

After purchasing the device in Euroset salons, in order to get started you need to download a free 2can mobile application available in Google play and AppStore stores and register online on

The price of the device in the Euroset salons of Moscow is 900 roubles.

The amount will be refunded to repay commission per each transaction within 3 months, so a customer gets the device for free.

Card reading is done with a card reader, a compact device that plugs into the audio jack of the smartphone or tablet. The international cards Visa and MasterCard with either a magnetic stripe or a chip are accepted.

To make a payment, you should activate the application, connect the reader to the audio jack, fill in the amount and purpose of payment. To confirm the operation, a customer will be asked to sign right on the screen of your smartphone. Upon confirmation of the transaction, the buyer will receive an e-check by e-mail or SMS to the mobile phone. A commission per each transaction is 2.75%. funds are transferred within a period of one to three days on the account of any Russian bank.

It will be recalled that on 4 September 2013 Euroset jointly with Smartfin JSC started to sell mobile POS-terminals of 2can in the Euroset salons of Moscow.

The addresses of Euroset salons where you can buy a 2can card reader:


17 Tverskaya Street,
12 Malaya Sukharevskaya Square,
4 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya,
49 Arbat Street,
1 Manezhnaya Square, Bldg 2,
25-27 Taganskaya Street, Evropa Shopping Mall,
1 Krasnoprudnaya Street, Bldg 1,
‘Erevan-Plaza’ Multifunctional Shopping Centre,
1А/2 Korovy Val Street,
1/4 Solyansky Alley, Bldg 1-2.

7 Abrikosovaya Street,
65 Armavirskaya Street,

17 Akademika Shvartsa Street,
42 Akademika Bardina Street,

206 Borisa Bogatkova Street,
17 Krasny Prospect.

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