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2сan launches a new generation service allowing to approve for payment bank cards both by magnetic stripe and by chip

Smartfin, CJSC (2сan trade mark), the pioneer of the Russian mPOS-market, announced the launch into commercial operation of the first in Russia completely certified EMV-solution for mobile acquiring. Switch to EMV-solution is conditioned by demands of international payment system Visa and the Central Bank policy concerning termination of non-chip cards issue in Russia beginning from January 1, 2015 aimed at decreasing of fraud risks. Service solution, including mobile application, combined (dual) card reader and processing platform, certificated under EMV Level 1, Level 2 and PCI DSS standards.

Combined (dual) card reader of a new generation allows approving bank, reading information both by magnetic stripe and by chip.

Obvious advantages of dual reader are: more comfortable procedure of payment acceptance, due to the fact that now the end of the chip card should be just put in the special connector of the card reader, and not to pass by stripe; as well as higher level of protection from fraud.

Security of our client’s funds is of the highest priority for us. Being the leading company in mobile acquiring from the point of view of sales as well as from the point of view of technologies, we feel our responsibility for the industry development and would support initiatives, directed on improvement of quality and security of the service for our clients, commented the situation Nikolay Zhmurenko, general director of Smartfin, CJSC. A little earlier than a year ago 2can became the first who achieved the certificate of correspondence to PCI DSS Level 1 standard, confirming the maximum level of security in the industry. Currently we first on the market launch a completely certified EMV-solution, corresponding to EMV Level 1 and EMV Level 2 standards.

Nowadays, dual readers are available to new 2сan clients after service connection. The cost of dual device amounts to 1550 rubles, together with CashBack special offer (the cost of the reader is refunded to the client on the basis of absence of commission in the first 3 months of service usage), consequently, an active user gets the reader practically for free.

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