Payment terminal.Mobile

2can.Payment terminal mobile

Ideally fits for courier services and itinerant trade,
but may be used in the office, store or cafe

Allows to get a cashier's receipt at the time of purchase,
not before departure of a courier.

Saves at cash equipment.
2сan.Payment terminal is significantly cheaper than a current complex solution, combining functions of a cash register and a payment terminal.

To use 2can.Payment terminal
is very easy

Card reader
The mobile application 2can.Payment terminal is installed in your smart phone or tablet pc. The mobile fiscal registrator is connected to your smart phone via bluetooth and provides the registration of cash operations and printout of cash receipts. The compact device is connected to the audio connector of your smart phone and provides reading of bank cards. The customer receives both the cash and the terminal receipt. Full statistics both on cash operations and operations with bank cards is available in the manager’s personal account.
2 can. Payment terminal mobile
2can card reader – price starts from 3990
Mobile application – free!
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