The owner of the shop of wooden handmade glasses

Every time we heard our customers said "Wait a minute, I will get some cash from the cash machine", and as a result, the client was just gone. When our company started to use 2Can card reader, everyone was happy to sign on the screen of the tablet, trusting our partner.
Naturally, the profit increased, the shop certainly has got more attractive.
In a word - Thank you for the wonderful mobile service!

The team of the professional massage equipment shop

Our customers often ask us, whether we accept bank cards. Yes, we now answer proudly! Due to service 2can we easily accept payment by bank card at the shop and out of the shop. Some clients are surprised to be asked to sign with a finger on the screen of the telephone, thus confirming the purchase. Thanks 2can for the great service.


Managing partner of bus tours in Moscow

We can now offer our clients high quality services without significant costs. The terminal 2can, free, compact and easy-to-use, literally fits in your pocket. We are very satisfied with the service 2can, it seems to be designed specifically for us.


Manager of crayfish shop

We wanted very much to accept bank card from our customers. Hurrah! Thanks 2can! This is a real catch! The revenue increased by 30% for the 1st month of use of cards. Clients pay by cards at the shop and on delivery. We really are very happy to work with 2can and we promote you on our website and at the shop! Thank you very much!


Managing Director of city bikes store

The clients are frequently surprised when we accept payments made by cards, they usually do not expect such service provision from a small store. But they are really excited by the process itself when the payment is processed via tablet computer and they should put the signature by finger.

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