Reader P17 NFCNEW

Advanced reader with NFC technology

  • Connection via Bluetooth
  • Reads all types of cards – EMV chip, MagStripe and NFC
  • Transactions are confirmed by PIN code
Chip&Pin NFC


New reader allows you to acquire payments made with EMV chip, MagStripe and NFC cards,
as well as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

Bluetooth connectivity

Wireless freedom when connecting
to your smartphone.


Compatible with iOS
and Android devices

NFC support

Reads cards with EMV chip, MagStripe
and NFC, as well as acquiring Apple Pay
and Samsung Pay payments


Data safety

No card or payment data is stored in the reader or in the smartphone.

Data encryption

All data is transmitted only in encrypted mode, in line with PCI DSS security standard

Payment confirmation

Payments are confirmed by entering PIN on special keyboard

Tech Specs

EMV Standard EMV Chip card reader
NFC Standard EMV Contactless
Payment systems VISA, MasterCard, MIR,
Samsung Pay, Apple Pay
Dimensions 89.7 x 59.0 x 14.8 mm
3.53 x 2.32 x 0.58 inch
Weigh 75 g
OS Support Android 4.0 and above
iOS 8.0 and above

Transaction confirmation By entering PIN code
Operating time 700 NFC, 500 EMV
or 4000 MSR transactions
Connection to smartphone Bluetooth® v2.2 and above (Android)
Bluetooth® v4.0 and above (iOS)
Power source and battery type Li-Po rechargeable battery,
250 mAh, 3.7V
Charger interface micro-USB
Certified VISA payWave
MasterCard TQM
MasterCard PayPass
PCI PTS v3.1 with SRED
EMV L1 & L2
EMV Contactless L1

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