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The most compact fiscal recorder that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

from 7990

Made to take it with you

A perfect solution for mobile or stationary trade and delivery services


Fits easily on the counter, in a drawer, and even in your pocket.


Contactless connection to an Android smartphone or tablet.


Can be powered by a power outlet or battery. Can print 100 receipts on one battery charge – enough for one working day.

Fiscal recorder

The most compact and light solution on Russian cash register equipment market.
  • Fiscal recorder and battery
  • Power button
  • Error LED
  • Power LED
  • Receipt tape tray cover
  • Receipt printer
  • Micro USB port


Printing method Thermal printing
Printing speed 50 mm/s
Printhead lifetime 50km
Auto-cutter None, tear-off
Receipt tape Length – 17m
Width – 58mm
Roll diameter – 30mm

Battery 2000 mAhLi-Ion
Battery lifetime 16 hours in standby mode
Connectivity Bluetooth, micro USB
Dimensions 85 x 86 x 45,5mm
Weight 290g

2can mobile solution

If you have an Android smartphone, it means you have half of the solution in your pocket. Install the 2can Register app, connect equipment via Bluetooth and you’re good to go!

2can Register app

You'll need compatible software to work with a fiscal recorder. 2can Register app perfectly fits this role! It is an Android app that turns your smartphone into a mobile cash register:

- Manageyourgoodscatalog
- Work with customer profiles and discounts
- Sellmarkedgoods
- Sync everything with your accounting system

P17 reader

Modern and lightweight mobile terminal with contactless payments support. Complete compatibility with 2can Register app.

ATOL15F fiscal recorder

Save your money on equipment – ATOL15F has what is required to work and trade in line with all legal requirements.

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Заказ комплекта


Компактный фискальный регистратор. Подключается к Android-устройству по Bluetooth.



Стоимость: 7990