2can Register 10

Smart Android-based online register with 10-inch display – manage your business in wide format.

  • Accepts cash and cards
  • Prints receipts in line with 54-FZ
  • Maintains trade and finance accounting
27 500 ₽

Powerful. Smart. Stylish

Work comfortably – 2can Register 10 is a perfect combination of
everything that you need to work at the point of sale.

Large display

Bright 10-inch display that can be tilted to desired angle for comfortable work.

Receipt printer with auto cut

High-speed printing and auto cut won't keep your customers waiting.

Connection for peripherals

Bluetooth, 4 USB ports, RJ-11socket for connecting cash box.

Smart terminal

The device is ready for work, all you have to do is to turn it on.
  • Дисплей 10 дюймов
  • Кассовое приложение
  • USB-порты, RJ-11
  • Слоты для SIM-карты и Micro SD
  • Регулятор уровня
 наклона дисплея
  • Принтер чеков


Work with goods, services, kits, modifiers, free price and discounts.

Accepts payments

Accept cash, bank cards and QR payments via Sberbank Online.


Print and send fiscal receipts (more on 54-FZ), receive reports on sales and revenues in your Personal Account.

Keeps trade records

Use cloud-based goods accounting system to manage balances and stock movement.


CPU Mediatek MTK832
2x1.33 GHz
Operating system Android 7.0
Memory ROM 8 Gb,
RAM 1 Gb
Display 10 inch,
SIM slot Yes
Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G,
Additional ports 4 USB-А,
1 RJ-11

Battery life
30 minutes
without external power source
Battery 5000 mAh Li-ion
Thermal printer Direct linear printing
Speed: 100 mm/s
Receipt tape Width: 57 mm
Service life: 50 km
Fiscal recorder Optional
Dimensions and weight 151 х 239 х 104 mm,
1.7 kg 
Documents In FTS register
model "ATOL 150F"

Kits and modifications

2can Register 10

2can Register 10

Kit without acquiring
For GTS and STS
from 27 500
2сan Register 10 + Acquiring

2сan Register 10 + Acquiring

Kit includes P17 NFC reader
and 2can acquiring
For GTS and STS
from 35 490

Service cost

Subscription includes unlimited functionality for
register app
and storage accounting.
2.3 %
2can acquiring
Monthly subscription
2.7 %
QR payments

Start accepting
bank cards

Reader Р17 NFC
2.3 %

Start accepting
bank cards

Add modern lightweight P17 reader. Connects via Bluetooth, supports contactless payments.

We will connect you to rate acquiring with only 3 documents in 3 days, without visiting the office, with current account opened in any Russian bank.

Как работает
  • Ставка при подключении
    эквайринга – 2,5%
  • Смена ставки происходит автоматически при переходе на следующий календарный месяц.
  • Первая смена ставки происходит в конце календарного месяца, даже если вы отработали неполный месяц.
  • Новая ставка определяется суммарным оборотом предыдущего календарного месяца.
Оборот текущего
Ставка на
следующий месяц
0 — 49 999 2,5 %
50 000 — 99 999 2,3 %
100 000 — 249 999 2,1 %
250 000 — 499 999 1,9 %
500 000 1,8 %

2can Register 10 is
designed for:

Stationary point of sales, for STS and UTII,
for single shop and business network.


Food trucks, food delivery, coffee shops, bakeries, 
burger shops, sushi rooms


Clothes and tech shops, delivery services, groceries and flower shops, queue service.


Beauty salons, repair services, private tutors, barber shops

Order 2can Register 10

Leave an application and we will contact you as soon as possible,
to answer all your questions.
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Смарт-терминал 10’’

10" Smart terminal

10-inch display, 15-month fiscal recorder, built-in receipt printer and pre-installed register app.



Cost: 27 500