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Register 5 Plus

All-in-one solution with built-in acquiring.

  • Accepts all types of cards and contactless payments,
  • Prints out receipts + built-in fiscal recorder,
  • Keeps sales and inventory records.
22 990

Compact and self-sufficient

2can Register 5 Plus has everything that you need to service a customer – from managing goods and prices
to sending out fiscal data and printing paper receipts.

2D scanner

Quick reading of barcodes
or QR codes.

Built-in acquiring

Accept any type of card and contactless payments with one device.

Receipt printer

High speed of printing,
in line with 54-FZ

Smart terminal that has everything

Just turn it on and you have all the equipment and tools for your business, mobile or stationary.
  • Contactless payments reader
  • Receipt printer
  • Magnetic stripe card reader
  • 5.5-inch display
  • EMV chip card reader
  • 2D scanner
  • Dock station connection
  • SIM card
  • Battery
  • Fiscal recorder
  • Speaker


Work with goods, services, kits, modifiers, open price and discounts.

Accepts payments

Accept cash, cards and contactless payments on one device.


Print and send fiscal receipts (more on 54-FZ), receive reports on sales and revenues in your Personal Account.

Keeps records

Use cloud-based goods accounting system to manage balances and stock movement.


CPU Mediatec 6737
at 1.2GHz
Operating system Android 6.0
Memory 8 Gb ROM,
1 Gb RAM
Display 5.5-inch,
SIM slot Yes
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G
Extra socket USB, Micro SD slot
Scanning device Camera with AF, 5.0 Mpx

Battery life 10 hours,
48 hours in standby mode
Battery 3,6V; 5200 mAh
Thermal printer Direct linear thermoprinting
Speed: 75 mm/s
Receipt tape Tape width: 58mm,
Roll diameter: 40mm
Fiscal recorder Optional
Dimensions and weight 83 х 212 х 54 mm,
0,6 kg
Types of payments Magnetic, contactless and EMV cards
Documents Model MSPOS-E-F
in FTS register


Use 2can acquiring and work with 2can Register and 2can Inventory for free.
For those who use
2can acquiring
Monthly, for those who use
third-party acquiring

Extra services

You can add useful payment services and FDO (fiscal data operator) subscription:

Extra services

You can add useful payment services and FDO (fiscal data operator) subscription:

1.3 % - 2.3 %

2can acquiring


FDO subscription

Designed for:

Perfect for stationary business and itinerant trade, for single point of sale and large networks.


Food trucks, food delivery, coffee shops, bakeries, burger shops, sushi rooms.


Clothes and tech stores, delivery services, groceries and flower shops, service in queues.


Delivery services, online shops delivery, insurance companies, taxi services.


Leave an application and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Order kit
Smart terminal 5,5’’

Smart register with capability to accept cards

5,5-inch display, built-in receipt printer, built-in 2can acquiring and pre-installed 2can Register app.



Cost: 22990