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Start selling online with 2can Shop!

Create an Online Store easily

Launch your sales online within a couple minutes. Avoid hiring developers and
designers. Get your domain and hosting for free
Create your online store quickly and easily

Easy to start

Create your shop, add your products, set up the delivery, enable card payments, share your link and start selling.
Grow your business with powerful e-commerce features

Sales 24/7

Reach more customers by adding a digital sales channel to your business and receive new orders even while you sleep. Share a link to your store on social media and tap into a new customer base.
Start selling online today with a beautiful, easy-to-use online store


Use our tools to expand your order processing, online-payments, delivery services and more.

What is 2can Shop?

Build your Online Shop to start selling products fast. Take online orders and offer curbside pickup or delivery. Add and share your product links on social media.
E-commerce solution to fit your business-needs

Expand your business

Do it yourself, no coding necessary

Provide your services

Are you a photographer, designer or an online tutor? 2can Shop can help you reach your clients.
Shop optimization for mobile devices

Sell your products

Create your online clothing, jewellery or cosmetics store and
sell with ease.
Create your online store without hiring developers and designers

Cafe’s and Restaurants

Online menu is convenient, safe and eco-friendly. Your guests can make their orders with a single click.

Take full advantage of 2can Shop

Everything you need to run sales 24/7
Social media integration


Customise your shop with photos, prices, descriptions, categories and modifications.
Enable delivery

Pickup & delivery

Easy way to set up deliveries and pick up locations for your customers.


Accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 2can will keep all your transactions secure. Accept cards and all types of payments online
Landing: the page that will sell


Receive customer orders in real time in your profile or by connecting 2can Bot to your Telegram.
An audience with all your content with just one link


Add extensions to set-up delivery, payments and sell on social media. Choose the delivery method to the customer

How it works

Easy to use, powerful online store builder

Step 1

Create your online store with 2can
The world of e-commerce

Step 2

Share the shop link
Connect an audience with all your content with just one link

Step 3

The customer taps or scans it
Shop link

Step 4

The customer makes the order and pays
Connect audiences to all of your content

Step 5

You receive and process the order
Set up online payments

Step 6

Product gets delivered to customer


Connect online payments and get 2can Shop for free
$0 /mo*
If you use 2can online payments
$15 /mo*
Without 2can online payments

*Make online transactions to renew your free subscription.



3,9 %

Transaction fee

with Fiscalization

2,5 %

Transaction fee

Transaction fee

How it looks

Scan the QR-code to see what your Online Shop can look like
Link to the demo-shop:


How to start?

Create an account to start your Online Shop for free.