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2can service

sales management for
small and medium business.

AcquiringMobile acquiring

Payments for the real world
2can readers turn a smartphone into a fully functional terminal to accept bank cards, contactless payments, and Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Online Register

Online register on a tablet
A robust solution with an intuitive interface for Android tablets. Accepts cards, keeps sales records, complies with 54-FZ.

Internet Acqiring

Internet payments
Your business - on your tablet: goods and services, sales and balances, revenue accounting, advanced reports and analytics, employees and registers management.

Our history

We never stand still. We grow and develop to make
2can service even better and more comfortable.
March 2012

Launching 2can service

December 2012

2can - "Startup of the year"

April 2013

Switching to EMV technology

February 2015

Launch of Chip&PIN reader

May 2015

Merger of 2can and ibox services

February 2017

Switching to NFC standard

June 2017

Launch of online register

April 2020

Launch of tap2go

May 2021

2can Shop launch

Launch of 2can service

March 2012
Our history started in 2012 with a simple yet elegant technology that has turned a usual smartphone into a fully functional terminal for accepting MagStripe bank cards. And that was just a start...
Launching 2can service

2can — "Startup of the year"

December 2012
In December 2012 Moscow's "Digital October" hosted a "Startup of the year" award ceremony. 2can became the winner in "Discovery of the year" nomination, as a project that was launched in the same year and had successfully implemented its business model.
2can: startup of the year

Switching to EMV technology

April 2013
A long time ago, there were only MagStripes on bank cards. But the progress never stays in one place. Card with a smart chip became the new European standard. In 2013 we offered our clients new readers with increased transaction security, made in compliance with EMV standard.
EMV technology

Launch of Chip&PIN reader

February 2015
Our first reader to have PIN pad - model P15. Operations are confirmed by entering PIN code on a PIN pad, giving customers one extra layer of security and protection. In contrast with previous models, P15 connects to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.
PIN pad - model P15

Merger of 2can and ibox services

May 2015
2015 became a milestone year for Russia's mobile acquiring market with merger of 2can and ibox services. New company became Russia's largest. We united not only teams but also expertise to create best-in-class solutions.
Merger of 2can and ibox services

Switching to NFC standard

February 2017
In the beginning of 2017, we have launched a new contactless payment reader - model P17 with NFC technology. Now our clients can accept contactless bank cards, as well as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay payments.
NFC reader - model P17

Launch of online register

June 2017
In the summer of 2017 we offered a new product that we named "2can Register" to our customers. Developed in compliance with 54-FZ, 2can Register turns entrepreneur's tablet into online register, keeps trade and finance records, and, of course, accepts bank cards.
2can Register

Launch of tap2go

April 2020
tap2go app was released in the spring of 2020. With this application, an NFC-capable Android smartphone can accept contactless payments without any extra costs.
2can tap2go

2can Shop launch

May 2021
We launched 2can Shop in the spring of 2021. It's a catalog of your products or services for online sales. With 2can Shop, you can launch your online business in just a couple of minutes without recourse to developers and designers' help.
2can Shop launch

We are the leader of mobile acquiring market

Smartfin JSC is an undoubted leader of Russia's mobile acquiring market. The company develops 2can and ibox brands and enjoys trust of more than 10 thousand clients. Among them - largest insurance market players, well-known online stores, delivery services, popular restaurants and other small, medium and large business across the country.

We are Skolkovo residents
since 2012

2can became a resident of Skolkovo Innovations Center as a first Russian project
that allows to accept card payments via mobile terminals
in line with data security standards.

Our friends

Key figures

2can map

Media about us

Promsvyazbank has launched a new service
for entrepreneurs - tap2go


QIWI has launched a contactless
payment service - tap2go

QIWI Кошелек

The Russian mobile acquiring market doubled
in the first six months of 2020


VTB and 2can simplified payment
acceptance for delivery from restaurants

interfax logo

2can launches a new terminal
on trade acquiring market

retail-loyalty logo

Da Vinci and Inventure Partners
invest in an online POS register

kommersant logo

2can and ibox turnovers tripled
in first 6 months of 2017

firrma logo

2can&ibox service presented an online POS register
for small and medium enterprise
and conquered Russian market

cnews logo

2can&ibox bought Store&Cash startup
- a cloud-based
trade and storage accounting service

inc logo

"Russian Post" delivery persons now accept
bank cards

tadviser logo

2can customer reviews

Del Gusto class

Culinary studio
«Accademia Del Gusto»

Vitaliy Ananyev, owner
Accademia Del Gusto is the first culinary school in Moscow, working in "food entertainment" format. We have a lot of various programs, workshops and outdoor events. It is often that people come to us before buying and ask us to tell and explain everything. Our guests frequently ask if we accept bank cards. We started using 2can mobile acquiring to retain our customers. It became much more comfortable for our clients. 2can reader is easy to use and always handy. No wires, small size, accepting every popular method of payment. Thank you, 2can!
Vitaliy Ananyev, owner
Cocomaniaco shop

«Cocomaniaco» shop

Anna Filatova, marketing director
Cocomaniaco works at Danilovsky and Usachevsky markets. Customers often buy for large sums of money and cash payments are not very convenient for them. Moreover, working with cash and food at the same time is not very hygienic. 2can was a real salvation for us. It is small, stylish and customers, when they learn about the ability to pay with card (it's not very common at the market) buy more coconuts. We happily recommend to use 2can to grow your business.
Anna Filatova, marketing director


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