Turn your tablet into online register

  • Complies with 54-FZ
  • Accepts cards and QR payments
  • Keeps trade and finance records
In tune with the times!

End-to-end solution

All that you need
for 500 rubles a month.

Register app

2can Register is an easy-to-use Android-based application. Your employees will need no more than 10 minutes to master it.

Stock accounting

Nomenclature, balances, label printing, managing employees and registers, advanced reports and import to Excel - all in your Personal Account.


2can Register app supports ATOL fiscal recorders, 2can readers, USB and Bluetooth barcode scanners.

Convenient app

500 a month

Convenient app

  • Work with goods, services, kits, modifiers, free prices and discounts
  • The app works anywhere with connection to internet - and even without it
  • Print and send fiscal receipts (learn more about 54-FZ), get reports on sales and revenues in your Personal Account.

What can be connected to the tablet?

Card reading
Fiscal register
or Atol receipt printer


Use your own equipment or order
a full tested kit.

2can Register 5

- Smart terminal with 5.5' display with 13-month fiscal recorder
+ Р17 NFC reader – 7990 r.
+ One-year subscription
FDO – 1000 r.
+ 36-month fiscal recorder instead of 13-month fiscal recorder – 3000 r.
For itinerant retailers and delivery services
from 19 990


You pay only for completed operations. 

No monthly subscription fees, no additional expenses.
   30 days free
For those who need warehouse management and full control.
  • Nomenclature
  • Cash register connection
  • Employee management
  • Warehouse management
  • Advanced reports
  • 1C integration
For startups and public services.
  • Nomenclature
  • Cash register connection
  • Employee management

Extra services

You can add useful payment services and FDO (fiscal data operator) subscription:

Extra services

You can add useful payment services and FDO (fiscal data operator) subscription:

2,1 %

2can acquiring


FDO subscription

2can Register
is designed for:

For stores and itinerant trade, for STS and UTII,
for a single shop and business network.


Clothes and tech stores, flower shops and groceries, gift shops


Food trucks, coffee shops, bakeries,
burger shops


Repair services, beauty salons, private tutors, barbershops

Start accepting
bank cards

Р17 NFC reader

Start accepting
bank cards

Modern and lightweight mobile terminal with contactless payment support. Fully compatible with 2can Register app.

We will connect you to acquiring with only 3 documents in 3 day without visiting the office, with current account opened in any Russian bank.

Как работает
  • Ставка при подключении
    эквайринга – 2,5%
  • Смена ставки происходит автоматически при переходе на следующий календарный месяц.
  • Первая смена ставки происходит в конце календарного месяца, даже если вы отработали неполный месяц.
  • Новая ставка определяется суммарным оборотом предыдущего календарного месяца.
Оборот текущего
Ставка на
следующий месяц
0 — 49 999 2,5 %
50 000 — 99 999 2,3 %
100 000 — 249 999 2,1 %
250 000 — 499 999 1,9 %
500 000 1,8 %

How to purchase 2can Register?


Leave an application

We will call you back, tell about 2can apps capabilities and help to select the optimal kit for your business.

Pay the bill

We will contact you as soon as the funds arrive to our account and schedule a meeting in our office or send you a package.

Get your register

We will help you to set up and configure the app, sign an agreement with fiscal data operator and register the equipment with tax authorities.

Turn your register on

We will always be near - contact us via email, phone or WhatsApp. Our tech support is available 24/7.
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